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Pathway to Profitable Programs 

Design, produce and launch a profitable online program you can leverage for years to come!

Create a Revenue-Producing Program that Allows You to Increase Your Income, Make a Bigger Impact and Enjoy the Freedom You've Always Wanted!

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Attention coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers and authors... 

Are you tired of your income not reflecting the value you offer or the results you help clients create? Are you just getting by or racking up credit card debt and wondering if you will ever be able to make a great living doing what you love?

Do you want to expand your business, but feel your process for helping clients is so intuitive - so individual, it would dilute the effectiveness of your work if you were to put it into an online course? 

Do you know leveraging your time is one of the keys to making more money, but you aren't sure how to transition from the one-on-one business model to a model that brings in revenues, without you having to personally work with clients?

Are you just starting your coaching practice, and want to define your client's success path to clearly define your offer and set them up for success?

Are you ready to discover an alternative path that allows you to help more people, make more money, but do it in a way that doesn't require so much of YOU? 

If so, then you're in the right place—and I love that you’re here!

Karen Rohlf Founder of Dressage Naturally and World Renowned Dressage Trainer  

Pathway to Profitable Programs:

How to design, produce and fill online programs, high-end coaching packages and mastermind experiences with greater ease. 

Pathways To Profitable Programs is an online blended-learning experience, where I share the exact formulas I've used to develop 30 online courses, that have resulted in a consistent stream of recurring revenue, high-end clients and global exposure through licensing.  

You'll discover how to decide what course to offer, which information to include, and how to design module content that impacts meaningful change in the clients you serve.  

You'll come away with a fully designed, ready-to-launch course, that inspires a new level of confidence in your ability to deliver on every promise you make in your marketing.  

$2997 Limited Time $1997

*Payment Optins Available

What you'll learn:

Your "best work yet" will emerge when you're showing up as your confident, plugged in, and wise self.

In Module One, we get crystal clear about what you bring to the table and who you're here to serve. We'll also do some very important "sleuthing" to make sure the program you are creating is a program your tribe actually wants to buy. Finally, we will craft a kick-ass vision of the difference your course will make in the lives of your future clients.

After completing this Module, you’ll have…

  • A powerful picture of the ideal client you are here to serve and an understanding of their pains, challenges, dreams and desires; 
  • An understanding of how your personal experience uniquely equips you to deliver on your course promise to your clients; 
  • A greater sense of confidence in your ability to impact meaningful and lasting change, as you are inspired by your mission-driven movement; 
  • A “first pass” vision for your course and a sense of the transformation it will provide your clients. 

Your Signature Program holds the power to become the profit engine of your business.

In Module Two, you and I will lay the foundation for you to be able to articulate your course outcomes and take your first steps to turning your Gateway Program into a step-by step journey for your client. By taking this important step to articulate powerfully how you can serve your clients, you will be laying the foundation for the successful launch of your best work yet.

After completing this Module, you will…

  • Understand how you can better manage the “Inner Game” journey as you design your course; 
  • Clarify the Transformational Arch and identify what you will cover in your entry level program; 
  • Articulate your course outcome and identify the client journey which will become your modules; 
  • Identify the beliefs, behaviors, skills and support your students will need at each step of the course journey. 

You've got the genius - now it's time to get clear on how you can use it to transform the lives of your clients.

In Module Three, we begin to turn your intuitive genius into a powerful, step-by-step course experience that equips your clients to remain in the game, take action, and create their desired results. You'll lean into my time-tested templates, my six-step Module Mapping Process, and the Seven Stages of the Evolutionary Journey, to design a "client path" that becomes your personal Signature Process. 

After completing this Module, you will…

  • Be better equipped to manage the emotional blocks that may arise;
  • Strengthen your understanding of course design and delivery; 
  • Understand the science of human behavior and how your clients are wired; 
  • Do a “brain dump” of the information you plan to include; 
  • Map out what you will cover when, so the Modules begin to take form; 
  • Continue to refine the client path to reveal your module content. 

Creating and producing content can be fun, easy, and dare I say, exciting!

Let's face it: nobody gets excited about the idea of hopping in front of a video camera, or learning how to create and edit audio content. But here in Module Four, we will shift your thinking about content production and (although you may not believe this now), you'll learn to enjoy it. Get excited about'll actually create your content during this module.

After completing this Module, you will…

  • Understand your options for producing great content and make choices that are right for you; 
  • Know how to produce audio recordings that keep clients engaged;  
  • Have a step-by-step process for creating screen capture video with voice over;  
  • Get some behind-the-scenes tips on how to rock your on camera videos; 
  • Feel ready and equipped to produce your Module content!  

You’re ready to plan your launch. This is a time filled with excitement and anticipation!

To ensure this step is as successful and stress-free as possible, I’m giving you an eagle’s eye view of how to launch your online course. In Module Five, I provide you my step-by-step process for planning and executing a successful Inner Circle launch. When implemented with commitment and intention, these strategies produce a constant stream of revenues from the ideal clients you are here to serve.

After completing this Module, you will…

  • Understand the various launch options and what is involved in each;  
  • Decide what type of launch is right for you based on where you are in business; 
  • Create a launch timeline detailing what you’ll do and when; 
  • Take your first steps toward a successful course launch. 

In Short, You Get Everything You Need to Plan, Write, and Create Your Online Program—with Ease!  

“The Pathways to Profitable Programs is all quality. Jane Deuber has created an excellent course to inspire, teach, and guide you to develop and deliver your online program with ease and a high level of professionalism. She is clear and concise in her presentations. Her warmth, knowledge, brilliance, and upbeat personality are a beautiful balance. The members of her team are exceptional and hold your hand throughout the process. If you are looking to create an online course, this is the team that will support you all the way and never gives up on you. Kudos to you all. Thank you.”

Jan Kinder, RN, Jan Kinder Center for Health and Wellbeing, LLC  

“Jane Deuber is without a doubt the leading authority on how to turn your intuitive talents and passions into a powerful course experience that you can then leverage for years to come.

From her step-by-step process for designing your content to her mind-expanding strategies for producing the content you create, I have been amazed at the value Jane and her team deliver. If you are an expert with a desire to reach more people, impact lasting change and make a lot more money in your business, don’t miss the opportunity to have Jane as your guide and coach through this program.” 

Michele Scism, Decisive Minds

“Working with Jane is like stepping into a whole new understanding of curriculum design and how to help people create meaningful change in their lives! My journey with Jane has enabled me to bring out my Truth and put it into a program I am taking to an international tribe of women over 40. Her belief in me, her understanding of the industry and her step-by-step process, has enabled me to craft the best work of my life. If you want to turn your passion for transformation in your clients into a powerfully profitable program, Jane is your guide. Her genuine desire to help us leverage our genius becomes the fuel that keeps us moving toward our ultimate business vision.” 

Louise Fowller, Prosperity Begins At 40

$2997 Limited Time $1997

*Payment Optins Available

When you enroll in Pathway to Profitable Programs, you'll receive: 

Six months' access to our state-of-the-art online learning platform and module action guides, where we walk you through our step-by-step process designed to support you in creating your best work yet.  

Three private curriculum consultations with Founder, Jane Deuber, to develop your course map, ensure your content is designed to inspire completion, and plan a successful course launch.

The proven templates and time-tested scripts I use to create my own successful Signature Programs.

Ongoing email support from my team of coaches and course design specialists—answers are always at your fingertips! 

In addition, you'll get these bonuses:  

Bonus 1 

A Course Delivery Consultation with Jane's Lead Coach

Meet with Diane Eppers to strategize your ideal course delivery system so you create a user experience that inspired raving fan referrals.

Bonus 2 

Strengthen Your Mission, Clarify Your Market, Proclaim Your Movement!

Access Jane’s highly acclaimed training to reignite your vision and solidify the foundations upon which your business is built.

And then there's a magical "hidden" bonus! (Value: Priceless!) 

Pathway to Profitable Programs, in and of itself, is a bonus. I know, it sounds silly, right? But here's the thing: it's my commitment to model for you how to design and deliver a powerful and profitable program. My past clients told me that one of the BIGGEST bonuses of completing this course is what they learned from experiencing it—from attending the curriculum labs to listening in on live call recordings to moving through the module content.  

You come away from this course with a new reference point and countless examples of how to become a kick-ass facilitator of your own course experience! 

Regularly $2997

Limited Time Offer just $1997

The Pathway To Profitable Programs course is structured perfectly to help those who want to turn their intuitive coaching process into a program that impacts meaningful change and generates recurring revenue. Jane’s unique course design process was so EASY to follow and helped me design a program I am so proud to offer. The insightful module exercises and regular group calls kept me focused and excited about getting to the next step. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to monetize their expertise with a high-end coaching program or online courses. It exceeded my every expectation. Thank you Jane. I look forward to continuing our work together.”  

 Yvette McDowell

“When I met Jane I was already leveraging my online programs for retail store owners and didn't think I needed to change anything. Then, she asked me how many people were actually completing my course and whether I had applied the science of instructional design into my course content? Um… no! Today, working with Jane, I’ve been able to take my content and program to a whole new level. Not only that, I was surprised at how our work together positively impacted my marketing and conversations...I didn't expect that! Jane makes creating or updating your programs so easy. Her fill-in-the-blank templates and proven formulas save you time, stress and hassles. If you are looking to leverage your expertise in a big way, Jane and her team are the answer you need.” 

Cathy Donovan Wagner, Retail Mavens Academy

Here are some additional considerations 

This is an investment. You're investing in you, in your business, and in the impact you'll make once you begin offering your new program or course. It will pay off, both financially and in terms of the positive transformations you're offering.  

How many people—people seeking your intuitive genius and the transformation you (and only you) can provide—will you have to enroll to cover this investment? Only a handful. And with what we're teaching you here, you'll be well equipped to do so.  

Imagine: By the End of This Program, Having a Solid, Effective Course or Program of Your Own, Ready to Offer to the People Seeking Your Genius! Imagine Knowing That Course or Program Is Built on a Foundation of Proven, Transformational and Educational Principles and That It Will Act as the Conduit for You to Make an Impact… and a Great, Consistent Income, too.  

Most importantly: you will have the knowledge and the skills to duplicate this process, whenever you see a new need in your client base, or discover a new idea for what to offer.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I'm not making money yet. How can I invest in this? 

A: How can you not invest in this? This course is designed to help you create your own course or program to offer to clients—but it goes so much deeper than that. You'll also dial in on who you're here to serve and how you can best create content for which that person is hungry, while highlighting your unique genius. We don't stop there: We'll walk you through a powerful (proven) launch system that helps you get your new course or program in front of those people in a way that makes them hungry for it … and then turns them into raving fans who tell their friends about you.  

Q: I don't trust that I'll complete the course, since I haven't completed other courses I purchased. What makes this one different?  

A: As I mentioned above, this course is unique in that it combines principles of education and transformation. So even as you're learning how to create a course, you'll be dissolving your own fears and blocks around business, marketing, and getting out there. Plus, you have so much support—from my team, and from your fellow program enrollees—that you're sure to feel bolstered, inspired, and motivated throughout the course.  

Q: How do you know I'll find someone to sell to? 

A: We believe that there is always someone seeking what you're offering. There are enough clients out there to support all the coaches and experts and speakers who want to share their genius! That's why we dive deep to uncover who your ideal client really is, and to formulate a program they'll actually want! You CAN impact positive change and create a thriving business. 

Q: I'm not a good writer or trainer; I'm afraid I won't be able to deliver. Can you help me with this?  

A: Absolutely! Your feelings come from a place of fear, and we'll work to dissolve that fear as we go through the program. My commitment is to help you move through the fear and discomfort that come from taking a stance for your work, your vision, and your purpose. Plus, with our proven templates and scripts, you can't go wrong!  

Q: I am already so busy. I'm afraid I won't have time for this. How can I justify the time investment? 

A: Time invested now is time saved down the road. Once you have your Signature Program in place, you can reach a greater number of people in fewer hours, while earning more money. It's all about leverage! We give you six months to complete the modules in this course, which we believe is plenty of time … and if you're truly committed to building your business and your impact, we believe you can carve out a few hours each week to work on this program.  

  • Yes Jane!

Regularly $2997

Limited Time Offer just $1997

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