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About Jane

For more than 35 years, Jane has been starting and growing successful businesses with her husband, Mario. Their first business was founded in 1987 around their kitchen table. With just $5,000 and a deep desire to serve, they took that business to multiple millions in annual sales before selling it in 2000. Since then, Jane has started, grown and sold several additional businesses and operate three enterprises from her home in Pebble Beach, California with a remarkable, virtual team.  

With each venture, Jane honed her entrepreneurial skills and got better and better at turning her ideas into profitable businesses. But it was her decision in 2004, to turn a program she was delivering live throughout the US, into an online program that transformed her business forever.  

That initial course launch resulted in a quarter of a million in sales, served clients in 20 countries and opened doors to licensing and certification opportunities.  

Since then, Jane has helped tens of thousands of business owner’s increase their income and their impact through more than 30 online programs. Now, her personal mission is to raise the standard of eLearning programs being offered by expert entrepreneurs.  

Through her two companies, Global Experts Accelerator and Virtual Academy Builder, Jane has helped hundreds of experts transform their knowledge and experience into profitable online programs that generate recurring revenues, raving fan clients and a plethora of high level leveraging opportunities. 

Jane's Philosophy on Curriculum Design

My philosophy is that when you combine the best practices of curriculum design with the power of your transformational genius, you're able to offer well-designed programs that deliver on their promise—and you change the world while building a profitable business.  

That's why my proprietary process for designing module content is based on the marriage of the Engagement Continuum (where someone goes from novice to mastery, and doubtful to confident) and the Evolutionary Journey, where someone goes from awareness to results.  

This Signature Program creation process is a perfect match for our industry… and it's totally unique in this space. You won't get it anywhere else! 

“I’ve been working with Jane Deuber since January 2017. Before I started working with her, I lacked direction. Now I have more courage and confidence not only in myself, but also in my business, my products, and my purpose. I’ve grown in confidence and have become a powerhouse woman in all areas of my life. Thank you Jane for believing in me.” 

Karen Swift, Therapeutic Tutor 

My Story

  • I am an entrepreneur, strategist, teacher, mentor and champion of entrepreneurs all around the world. 
  • I am inspired by people who have the audacity to want to turn their expertise, talents and passions into a business that allows them to live life on their own terms. 
  • I am wired to see what’s possible for others and then usher them into that vision. 
  • I am just like you – doing my best to make sense of this crazy ride of growing a business.  

“Working with Jane Deuber has been so important to me and really a blessing. I’ve wanted to do an online course for a couple of years and I tried it by myself to no avail. I also tried other workshops and nothing compared to what Jane has to offer. She is so supportive and she has an amazing process that’s proven to be successful. I am so happy I found her!” 

Carol Henry, Carol J Henry PhD

Cool Things I've Done

  • Received my BA in East Asian Studies and studied Mandarin Chinese for four years 
  • Spent my junior year in college attending school at the Palais Kinsky in Vienna, Austria 
  • Held a toga party with 10 friends at the Parthenon in Athens Greece 
  • Lived in Taiwan, Japan and traveled to more than 24 countries 
  • Authored two best-selling books that have been translated into six languages 
  • Helped thousands of entrepreneurs turn their passions into higher business profits 
  • Took two businesses to the multi-million-dollar mark and beyond 
  • Co-Founded an international association for home-based entrepreneurs 
  • Launched a new business for a graduate school friend in just 6 months 
  • Broke a 6 year standing sales record on the #1 Canadian TV shopping channel 

While my credentials include a Masters in International Business Administration, it is in-the-trenches experience, not the classroom, where I gained the insight, intuition and expertise that enables me to support others on their quest for entrepreneurial bliss.

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